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co-ment is a Web service brought to you by SARL Sopinspace, 4, passage de la Main d'Or, 75011 Paris, France. Phone: +33 155 28 37 60. Administrative information: SARL Sopinspace is a limited responsibility company with a capital of 15,000 euros, registered under RCS Paris B 451 436 604.


co-ment is a registered trademark of Philippe Aigrain. Only Sopinspace is authorized to operate a service or conduct an activity under the name co-ment in the geographical areas and under the classes covered by the trademark

Terms of use for the service

Sopinspace reserves its right to suspend the operation of the free-of-charge co-ment service at any time for technical or security reasons and to cancel it permanently at its own discretion with a one-week notice.

The free-of-charge limited co-ment service is provided to you at no cost. Once you are registered and connected, it allows you to upload a maximum of 20 texts, to make them public (by default texts are private, that is only you can view them and comment them). When a text is made public any registered user can create comments that apply to an extract of the text, control the view on comments and respond to comments by others. Two of the texts can be shared with designated users: only these users can view and comment the texts.

You are sole responsible and will bear all costs from any litigation or damage resulting from the contents of the texts that you make public. By making a text public, you certify that (1) you hold the necessary rights or authorisations for doing so. (2) that you will make public only texts whose contents does not violate privacy rights or publicity rights of anyone. You should include in the text a copyright mention and a statement about the rights of use or applicable license.
Similarly, comments are under the sole responsibility of their author.
Sopinspace, as operator of the co-ment service, denies any responsibility on the contents of the texts that you make public. Sopinspace reserves its rights to delete any text that does not respect these terms of use or legal obligations and to cancel service to the author of any such text or to anyone whose behaviour makes evident a refusal or unability to respect the terms of service.
Sopinspace's monitoring of co-ment public texts is at its own discretion, and Sopinspace denies any obligation on checking that the contents of the public texts respect legal obligations or these terms of use.
These terms of use do not list types of contents or induced activities that are illegal: it is your own responsibility to know them and abstain from including them in the texts that you upload in co-ment. Types of contents that are forbidden for public texts (without being necessarily illegal) according to these terms of use are listed below (this list is motivated by the protection of the ecology of knowledge that the co-ment service aims at serving):
1. texts whose object is to advertise a person, site, service or product
2. texts whose contents are insulting, or constitue harassment or call to harrass any group or person
3. texts that include personal details such as phone numbers, email or postal addresses (when a text is made public by an organization, it can include contact details and persons for that organization)
4. texts that contain links to sites reserved to adults
5. texts that contain information that is known to be inexact or libelous
Sopinspace reserves its right to judge when a given text is in contradiction with the terms of use, and to extend the list above when it is needed to cope with the insertion in the service of texts that are clearly prejudicial to the overall service to users.


Graphical user interfaces such as co-ment's contain AJAX functionality do not meet the accessibility standards such as WAI. We regret it, but this problem can be solved only at the level of the basic AJAX libraries which is beyond our capacity. For a better experience, we recommend Mozilla Firefox.

co-ment professional service

Two types of services are available on www.co-ment.net: a fully functional free-of-charge service with quantitative limitations and limited support and a professional service. Click here to learn more about co-ment professional service.

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