About co-ment

Visual overview

1. Upload your documents

2. Invite others to comment on your text

3. Process the comments


From the antiquity to the revision process for the GNU General Public License, commenting texts has always been an important part of what communities do to exist as communities. Today, on-line text publication and annotation has become a new pivotal media for formalizing and communicating thoughts to others.
To enable collaborative processes around texts that are more structured than on wikis, we created co-ment, an online collaborative text commenting system.

co-ment services

co-ment® makes it possible for you to write or upload your own texts, submit them for comments, process the comments and revise the texts accordingly. Two types of services are available on www.co-ment.net: a fully functional free-of-charge service with quantitative limitations and limited support and a professional service. Please read the terms of service for information on the scope and conditions of both services. Sopinspace also provides personalised co-ment services: you can get your own specific co-ment space. The full code base of co-ment is free software under the Affero GPLv3. co-ment is a trademark of Philippe Aigrain. Use of this trademark is forbidden without authorization.

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