Available services

Here you can find the different services levels available on www.co-ment.net.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question.
Price free 33.46€/year VAT excl.
40€/year VAT incl. (VAT 19.6%) (2)
Max. # of texts 20 500 N/A
Max. # of texts shared (1) 2 500 N/A
Max. # of collaborators 20 250 N/A
Support email email + phone N/A
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1 Shared texts are non public texts privately shared among collaborators on www.co-ment.net.

2 no VAT for non EU customers or EU customers outside France with an intra-community VAT#

3 A custom co-ment installation could be a personnal co-ment instance or directly intergrated into your information system. Contact us for more information.