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Ashes that flow through the wind
Ashes that hold my friends
Ashes that try to hide the truth
Ashes that teach the youth
A group of people had to die
And rarely did a person try
To help this group of endless cries
Who are now hidden within the ashes' sighs
A tyranny put people under a trance
It destroyed the Jews only chance
To have fun, sing, and dance
Instead they had to die at their own expense
People hear but do they listen
About 6 million people who used to glisten
These poor lost souls were never heard
The Nazi's didn't give them a say or a word
For a group of people were once confused
And in return they were abused
Now all has been said and done and its too late
Those 6 million Jews have received their fate
And let these ashes rise up now
And teach us what to do and how
There is a type of history we do not wish to repeat
So here is the time we must go and defeat
We must remember those lost in the ash
And bring up their long forgotten past
No one deserves to be lost in the wind
Not a family member, not a stranger, and never a friend

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