The SilverStripe Initiative

Led by Daniil Kulchenko

        The SilverStripe Initiative is a push to seek out and incorporate the most important features for addition into the SilverStripe codebase. We all know that SilverStripe is a very good CMS and framework. Now let's improve it!


        These are my personal ideas on what can be done to improve SilverStripe. These are not requests, these are ideas on how we can all, including myself, do this together. Isn't that what open source is about? I might have listed things that are already implemented, so if I have, please correct me on that.

        BTW, colors are as follows: RED means has not showed up in discussions yet. YELLOW means that it seems to be in production. GREEN means that a milestone has been set.



Individual modules, additional modules (wiki), 



If the SS community pitches in, I bet we can implement this initiative by March 16, 2010, exactly a year from today. This is what I see SilverStripe 3.0 as being. According to Trac, and random forum discussions, a lot of this might get implemented by 2.4.0. Only time, and planning can tell. Some of these features are not as important as others, and the “Wishful Thinking” section might not get implemented at all, but with SoC coming up, we can work together and do this. I can't participate in SoC, I'm only 13, but I can donate part of my summer to volunteering on this. I've you've got suggestions to this document, additions, or corrections, post them on the forum, or edit the document yourself (the link is below). Together, we can improve SilverStripe.



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