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Just checking out Co-ment, you can sign-up and check it out for yourself, its licensed under the agpl and is based on some code from stet, stet is the software used to draft gpl license, some people even say it is the first ever web 2.0 application. I tried installing it so many times and failed but I saw on Bradley Kuhns site a link to stet then a comment in the stet mailing list about co-ment, I dont know django framework too well but I hopefull can have some really nice code like this running on my site one day if I can figure it out. Well Im just trying to type a lot of stuff for this demo and perhaps being a little incorrect so I can make comments like gee this is one hell of a long paragraph so anyway, I'll try to embed this text and see if anyone wants to play around with adding comments to it. Ty co-ment people, this looks really easy to use and has some pretty nice features. Oh and agpl :D

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