FREEFORM is the act of freely reconstructing a space, a work, an idea into new forms. Free culture builds downwards, always under construction, encouraging open customisation of another person's creativity.

FREEFORM will begin with a collection of photographs, writing, newspaper clippings, music and other media. You are invited to design, interpret, construct and dismantle these for the physical space they will inhabit.

The FREEFORM show will transform a disused car workshop based upon this reworked media, through a participatory process with performers, artists and designers. Anyone can be the architect of the space - communicating with the construction teams through free art works.

FREEFORM is part of a movement, rather than a one-off show; a moment rather than a collection of static objects; a global participation in rethinking the construction of cultures, communities and physical spaces. Participants are encouraged to demonstrate the value system of Creative Commons or other like-minded free culture schemes that unleash creative freedoms. By free culture, we refer to entities that are open for sharing, learning, adaptation and transformation without interference from copyright.

During the week, the space will be host to artists, designers, entrepreneurs and technologists. The work on show will not be static, curators will be adjusting the show minute by minute – live – as the work develops within the space. FREEFORM will continue online where anyone can participate in the process, and in any other space where communities coalesce to bring the works into another art show, rebuilding downstream in new contexts.

You are invited to participate and explore with us during the months running up to the show. Visit for details.

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