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Free culture builds downwards, downstream, always ‘under’ construction, always the foundation. Underground is the new over ground.

Creativity digs deep, rebuilding contexts not content.

UNDREBUILD is the act of reconstructing upon free culture resources.

Using photographs of physical space, the audience is invited to design, interpret, construct and dismantle the potencial of the space.

Based upon such reworked photographs, the space will be transformed through architects, performers, artists and designers. Essentially, anyone can be the architect to the space - communicating with the construction teams through open licenced photgraphs.

UNDREBUILD is to be considered more of a movement rather than a one-off show. The first exhibition, in June 2008, will be a collection of processes rather than artefacts, combining a global participation for the necessity of forgotten education about the construct of cultures, communities and communication.

As an education process, participants are encouraged to demonstrate the value system of Creative Commons or other likeminded open licensing schemes that afford forms of expression prevented by commercial copyright models. The object is not to make art, but use creativity as a means of expressing and objectifying the business logic of a Free Culture.

By free, we refer to entities that are open for adaptation, as a major consideration is given to how commercial exchanges can exist within a marketplace that encourages open customisation of another person’s creativity.

UNDREBUILD will exist permanently as a resource on-line and on-land; a ‘media cloud’ - a network of wikis, blogs, web-services and conversations - that is accessible to everyone.

The exhibition will be an opportunity to participate in a series of processes and conversations – an audience essentially becomes part of the Media Cloud’s dynamic. During the week, the space will be host to artists, designers, entrepreneurs and technologists – the work on show will not be static – curators will be adjusting the show minute by minute – live - as the work develops within the space.

You are invited to participate and explore with us during the weeks running up to the show. Visit www.undrebuild.com for details.

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